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Please join the Museum Board and Staff in both recognizing the significant history of the fire organizations listed here and also their ongoing support of the Museum. These fire organizations serve their communities in the finest tradition of the fire service and personify the traits that define all heroes: courage, selflessness, loyalty, dedication, conviction, determination and perseverance. These fire organizations also value the history of firefighting: their history. We thank them for their support of the Museum and proudly recognize them as "Legends of the Fire.”

You may scroll through the list of Legends of the Fire members below. Or, select the first letter of the Legends of the Fire member organization you would like to learn about and you will be directed to those organizations with a coordinating first letter:
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Carmel Fire Department, Inc.
Carmel, NY

Organized:  September 21, 1915
Motto:  Home of the "Buckeye"
Founder: Mrs. Stephen Ryder called a meeting of local taxpayers on October 23, 1914 and the first fire protection committee was appointed.  This was the beginning of what would become the Carmel Fire Department, Inc..

The most notable fire encountered by the Carmel Fire Department was featured in the "Firehouse" Magazine and took place in 1990 at the Barns Medical Center.  Prior to that, in 1974, the fire department battled the fire that torn through 7 business on Main Street, Carmel, New York. The most beloved apparatus of the Carmel Fire Department is the 1915 "Buckeye", the original fire apparatus.  

Carmel FD supports its community at the annual fire prevention open house.  

Fun fact: The present fire house is located in an old supermarket building. While the supermarket was still open, It is reported that a store clerk died while stocking shelves. His ghost lives on at the fire station!

Interlaken Fire Department
Interlaken, NY

Organized: February 17,1891
Founder:  Citizens of Farmer Village 

In 1863, Farmer Village purchased an 1841 Button Pumper from the City of Rochester,yet no formal fire department existed at this time.  After the American Hotel was destroyed by fire in 1891, the Farmer Village organized the Cataract Engine and Hose Company No.1, later becoming incorporated as the Farmer Fire Dept. In 1904, the Farmer Village Post Office changed its name to Interlaken. Subsequently, in 1910, the Farmer FD incorporated as the Interlaken Fire Department. 

Past and present members of the Interlaken FD were recognized as the Citizens of the Century during the June, 2004 celebration of the Centennial of the Village of Interlaken and the Bicentennial of Seneca County. Community involvement of the Interlaken FD includes supporting many community organizations, providing meals during the holiday to needy families and providing CPR training to the community. 
Interlaken FD is know for its spectacular chicken BBQ, but will never divulge their secret recipe!

For more information on this fire department visit:  http://villageofinterlaken and select the Fire Department option. 

 J.W. Edmonds Hose Co. 
Hudson, NY

Organized: 1794
Oldest, active chartered fire department in New York State
John Worth Edmonds, whom the company is named after and was  the patron of the company, had a very interesting life, serving as a lawyer, Supreme Court judge, State Senator and envoy to Native American tribes, among other things.

Maydole Hose Company - Norwich Fire Department
Norwich, NY

Organized: 1887
Founder:  David Maydole

Founder David Maydole owned the The Maydole Hammer company and, like many other factory owners, created the Engine Company with employees to protect his factory.   

New York Mills Volunteer Fire Department 
New York Mills, NY 

Organized: 1931 
Unofficial Motto: "Volunteers By Choice, Trained To Be Professionals"
Founder: The residents of the Village of New York Mills founded the department to provide better protection for the textile factories located in the Village. 
On March 7, 1931 the newly formed New York Mills Volunteer Fire Department fire station and the box alarm system were ready to summon an initial 34 firefighters to work using a 1929 Sanford Pumper. That same year, the first Field Day was held and the department became members of the Oneida County Firemen's Association, as well as, FASNY.  In 1932, membership expanded to 65 and the first Full Dress Parade Uniforms were purchased. 

Notable Community Service:  In 1953, the New York Mills Little League was started by the Fire Department.

The New York Mills Fire Department donated to the FASNY Museum of Firefighting the
 1965 American LaFrance Salvage Truck currently on exhibit in the museum's Great Hall Gallery.

For more information on this fire department, visit:

Royal Order Of The Blue Vests, Inc.
Wingdale, NY

Organized: 1972
Official Motto: Serving the Volunteer Fire Service and The Firemen's Home
Founder:  Small group of Volunteer Firemen form the lower Hudson Valley areas of Putnam, Westchester, Rockland, Orange & Dutchess Counties
Also known as The "Nut Busters", the Royal Order of The Blue Vests is a service club of volunteer firefighters from many areas that came together to promote fellowship within the Hudson Valley Volunteer Firemen's Association and to aid the Firemen's Home located in Hudson, NY.

The Blue Vests meets four times a year for regular business, participates in the annual HVVFA Mardi Gras parade, and holds the follow annual events at the Firemen's Home which the residents in attendance:  the Annual Installation Dinner, Blue Vests Day, Pavilion BBQ Picnic, and a Christmas Party with cash gifts from Santa.  

The Royal Order of the Blue Vests have successfully funded projects at the Firemen's Home including the Big Red Bus Fund , a room refurbishment for the Home's 100th Anniversary, a Tilt in Space Wheelchair and the building of a new recreation room.

For more information on the The Royal Order of the Blue Vests (a.k.a "The Nut Busters") visit their Facebook page:

Somers Volunteer Fire Department, Inc.
Somers, NY

Organized: 1931
Motto: "Protecting the Birthplace of the American Circus"
Founder: Concerned citizens of Lake Shenorock formed the Amawalk-Shenorak Vol Fire Dept in 1931 to provide fire coverage to Lake Shenorock, the only heavily populated area in the town of Somers. In 1937, the territory of protection changed to provide coverage in the rest of the town of Somers and  the organization's name changed to the Somers Volunteer Fire Department, Incorporated.
Starting off in a small barn, with a 1921 combination chemical engine/pumper the Somers Vol. FD expanded over the next 50 years to include 125 members, 4 firehouses, 7 engine companies, 1 rescue company, 1 ladder company, 2 brush trucks, 2 ambulances and 1 boat.  In 2006, Somers celebrated it's 75th Anniversary.  At this time, the professional services of the SVFD was called 1,673 times while dedicating over 11,000 hours answering those calls for help.

Currently, the Somers VFD provides fire protection, emergency medical care, vehicle extrication, underwater rescue, hazardous materials response, serving over 20,000 citizens in a 33.3 square mile district, the 3rd largest in Westchester Co, staffed with over 110 active members. Somers is the longest continously serving volunteer community service organization in the town of Somers.

Somers Volunteer FD is best known for their "elephant" which can be found on all apparatus and the department's patch. The elephant's name is "Old Bet" and was the first elephant brought to America to form the circus.  "Old Bet' can be found on the Somers FD's most beloved apparatus, the Rescue 20, 1947 Ward LaFrance, an extremely unique built apparatus that was donated to the FASNY Museum of Firefighting and currently on exhibit in the Museum's Great Hall.

For more information on this fire department visit:

Stuyvesant Falls Fire Company #2
Stuyvesant Falls, NY

Organized:  April 13, 1925
Founder: A group of concerned citizens that sought to establish a "Fire Zone" in their end of town. 

In the early years the Stuyvesant Falls Fire Co.#2 utilized the help and apparatus of the fire companies of Kinderhook and Valatie, NY.  The first fire fought by the newly organized Stuyvesant Falls Fire Co.#2 was on August 5, 1927 at the Jenning's place in West Ghent.  The first fire truck was purchased in January, 1927 at the cost of $8,500 and was delivered one month later. The bright red monster was a Sanford pumper with a Continental engine and dual rear wheels and remained in service until 1950.  The first firehouse was ready for operation in the spring of 1928.  

The Stuyvesant Falls Fire Co. #2 has been proudly serving their community for over 88 years.  Community service includes hosting the Stuyvesant Falls Fire Co. Explorer Post #65 for area youths from 14 to 20 years of age.  The fire company is well known it the area for its delicious chicken BBQ held annually. 

#West Nyack Fire Department
West Nyack, NY

Organized: 1910

The West Nyack Fire Department protects the residents of the Hamlet of West Nyack, population approxiamately 3400.  The Hamlet of West Nyack is slightly smaller than 3 square miles.  The fire department's most notable awards include the Joseph K. Wright Memorial Unit Citation Award.  The most beloved apparatus of West Nyack is the 1934 Mack.  For more historical information on the West Nyack Fire Department, visit website.


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