Donations are the lifeblood of the Museum

Donate an object to the Museum

Where does the world’s largest and most comprehensive collection of firematic apparatus, equipment, art and written material come from? The answer is simple: YOU! The overwhelming majority of the Museum’s artifacts were donated by former firefighters, family members, fire companies and everyday citizens.

These donations began with the iconic donation from the Exempt Firemen’s Association of the City of New York. This donation included the oldest documented fire engine in New York state, a Newsham Engine, circa 1731. Also included in this donation was a gooseneck-style engine, a piano-style engine and a double-decker-style engine.

Over the years, many more generous donations have been accepted: a total of approximately 20,000 artifacts are held by the Museum. These donations included antique fire trucks, fire badges and other firefighting artifacts, textiles, art and a collection of fire service-related library volumes.

This world-class collection is constantly being added to, and the Museum invites all interested parties to carefully read and follow the instructions on the “Prospective Donor Questionnaire Form” to have an object considered for donation to the Museum collection. The FASNY Museum of Firefighting appreciates your donation!

To donate a banner or patch to the Museum collection, please print the Banner and Patch Donation Form.