Discover, learn and yes, have fun!

Climb on, join in. Providing a fun and educational experience to kids and families is at the very heart of the Museum’s mission.

The FASNY Museum of Firefighting provides visitors young and old with a variety of opportunities for exploration, discovery and education.

This is not a typical museum: we have blended the best features of a classic history museum with a children’s museum to become a modern hybrid. There are many areas of the Museum that are “look only.” However, we know children and adults retain concepts better when they “do,” so the Museum offers interactive areas where learning opportunities are presented through hands on activities. Look for the “Firestar” Dalmatian signs throughout the Museum to locate these interactive areas.

Discovery Trucks: Creative play on real antique fire engines

Suit up and turn out — dress in real firefighting gear, climb aboard and let your imagination run free.

The Museum’s designated Discovery Trucks give visitors the chance to get up close and hands on. Explore and play your way on these real, retired apparatus— plenty of firefighting fun and photo ops for the whole family!

Touch areas in trucks are sanitized after each use.

“Virtual First Responder” Firetruck Experience

Lights… siren… action!

Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel! Climb into the driver’s seat of a real firetruck and virtually “respond” to a fire call. Safely navigate through traffic, choose your route and arrive safely at the scene. You’ll get a video-simulated feel for what it’s like to turn out just like a real firefighter!

Touch areas in this truck are sanitized after each use.

Pump it UP!

How do firefighters get water to the fire? Find out by learning through doing.

”Pump it UP!” is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) based interactive series of hands-on exhibits that teaches visitors about the physics, logistics and mechanics that make firefighting possible.

Water is the key to firefighting. Pumps, valves and tactical operations are all important parts of the equation. Through Pump it UP, visitors not only see the entire picture in action, they are part of the action! In addition, the history of the tanker truck itself is explained, and a wall of water jugs visually helps visitors realize just how many gallons of water a tanker can hold.

Touch areas are sanitized after each family’s use in this interactive area.

This one-of-a-kind immersive educational experience is a big hit with kids and adults alike. This interactive exhibit was made possible by major sponsor VFIS/Hubbinette Cowell Associates, Inc.

It’s A Small World

Everything is Awesome in the Lego Universe!

Do you love Legos? We do! What about “Eye Spy”? OMG, us too! We have taken our love for Legos and “Eye Spy” and developed two Lego fire scenes for little ones. Can you find all the objects at the beach scene? How about the park scene? Ready to graduate to the 1970s fire scene diorama? That is part of this exhibit too!

The Fire Safety Carnival

Step right up, play a game, and win a prize!

Try your hand at the Fire Safety Carnival. Kids can play a series of games that will not only teach them important fire safety skills, but will also allow them to win prizes. We’ve adopted the Museum’s games to be limited touch, and they are sanitized after each visitor, so game on!

The Cabot/McCadam Art Squad

Firefighting and Art…You Betcha!

As you walk around the Museum, you will see that many of the fire engines have art on them. Whether it is the gold leafing on modern trucks or actual oil paintings on old pumpers of the 1800s, clearly firefighters appreciate art. So in that spirit, our friends at Cabot/McCadam Cheese have provided everything you need to make a masterpiece of your own. So, get your creativity on at the Museum and be a part of the Art Squad!

Art projects are individually packaged and there are no shared items needed to create the projects. Art tables are sanitized after each use.