Is the Museum handicapped-accessible?2020-01-23T09:57:18-05:00

Yes, the Museum has ramps to provide access to all exhibits to those with physical disabilities.

Does the Museum offer guided tours?2020-02-04T10:25:28-05:00

Yes, please see Guided Tours.

Is there food available at the Museum?2020-01-23T10:07:09-05:00

Unfortunately, the Museum’s artifact protection protocols do not allow food or drink to be served or brought into the Museum.

Can the Museum accommodate large groups?2020-06-18T15:52:11-04:00

Temporarily Unavailable. See Museum Policies for more information.

Groups of 10 or more who wish to visit the Museum are required to contact the Museum three weeks in advance to ensure accommodations can be made.

If desired, the Museum can also arrange for a guided tour for your group.

My fire company is a member of the Museum (or I am a member of FASNY)…does my family have to pay the admission charge?2020-06-19T09:56:52-04:00

Fire Departments members that have a current FASNY Museum of Firefighting membership are allowed free admission to the Museum, but again, family members would have to pay admission. Please bring appropriate member identification (Museum membership card) when you visit.

Current members of FASNY are allowed free admission to the Museum. Currently, FASNY Members must call in advance to make a reservation to visit the Museum. See Booking Form for more information. However, this applies to the individual member: all other family members must pay admission. Please bring the appropriate member identification (FASNY card) when you visit.

I have an artifact to donate; can I just drop it off?2020-06-18T10:21:57-04:00

The Museum’s collection is juried, to ensure the Museum does not take in items that it can’t sufficiently care for, items that would never be exhibited, or numerous duplicates of like objects. Therefore, the Museum does not allow visitors to drop items off without having prior approval for donation. Please see Donate to the Collection to start the consideration process by filling out the donation form and submitting it to the Museum. PLEASE NOTE: Because patches and banners are considered part of the decorative collection of the Museum and therefore consumable, you CAN drop off banners and patches without any approval. However, they must be in good repair, with no stains, fading, rips or other damage, and you must sign a donation form.

I would like to do research in the Museum library; can I drop by to do that or check out a book?2020-01-23T10:10:33-05:00

All research requests must be made in advance of a visit. Unlike a lending library, the Museum library does not allow full access to the Museum’s fragile media, nor does it lend books. The subject of the research must be stated in full, so that the Museum’s Collections Manager can pull the volumes needed ahead of time for your research. You may review those items during your visit, in the presence of the Collections Manager, and copies of materials may be made, if the media is deemed stable by the Collections Manager. There is a charge for the copying of materials.

Is Molly the Museum Dog there every day and will I get to see her?2020-06-18T15:57:24-04:00

Molly is a living creature, so the Museum respects her right to rest and relax during the workday as she sees fit. She is usually at the Museum Monday through Friday, and she goes out on the Museum floor at least twice during the workday for training. We are currently unable to allow personal interaction with Molly, but you can see her train and do her agility course twice daily at the Museum.

Does the Museum offer more gift shop items than those listed on the website?2020-01-23T10:12:35-05:00

YES! The Museum has many more items to choose from in the gift shop. If you don’t see what you are looking for online, call or email.

How long does it take to go through the Museum?2020-01-23T10:13:05-05:00

It depends on your level of interest, but the Museum is HUGE, so allow at least two hours for your visit.

Does the Museum offer a senior discount?2020-01-23T10:13:43-05:00

No, the Museum does not offer a senior discount. Compared to other attractions in the area, the Museum’s admission fees are low, and the Museum tries to keep them that way for everyone.

Are there things for kids to do at the Museum?2020-06-18T15:59:43-04:00

Yes! The Museum has many interactives for children to enjoy. But, just like amusement park rides, most of them had to be engineered with a certain size child in mind to be safe. Some interactives have small parts that are not appropriate for small children. The majority of the Museum’s interactives are for visitors 3 to 100 years of age. We have closed some hands on areas, but we have introduced new limited touch activities to engage you during your visit.

Temporarily Unavailable. See Museum Policies for more information.

The Junior Firefighter challenge has been engineered for children who are at least three years of age, and who are at least 36″ tall, and no more than 48″ tall with shoes on.

Children 2 and under (or under 36″ tall) will not be able to participate in most interactives, due to safety concerns.