Museum Policies

Rules help avoid chaos in things both minor and global. In turn they provide peace, security and safety. The Museum team wants your visit to be peaceful, secure and safe. This environment will present an opportunity for all Museum visitors, whether families, apparatus collectors or students of history, to have the expectations of their visit met. So, please help the Museum provide this environment by preparing for your visit and reviewing the following policies:

If you are a CURRENT member of the FASNY Museum of Firefighting:

Please read the current polices below before visiting the Museum. You do not need a reservation to visit the Museum.

If you are a FASNY, NARM, Library Pass, or Empire State Reciprocal Program member:

If you are a FASNY, NARM, Library Pass, or Empire State Reciprocal Museum Program member, call 518-822-1875 and ask for the reservations desk to see if a ticket is available for you to visit. Please locate your membership card and have it available. We will verify your membership to these programs over the phone before we check to see if a ticket is available for you to visit today. Please also review the current polices below before you call.

If you are a member of the general public:

Please visit the online Booking Form to reserve your time and purchase your ticket. If you do not have access to the internet, please, call 518-822-1875 and ask for the reservations desk to see if a ticket is available for you to visit today. Please also review the current polices below before you call.

Current Covid-19 Policies

  • Some of the Museum’s hands on interactives are currently closed. We have endeavored to introduce limited touch alternatives for your visit. If you are not sure what is available, please call BEFORE purchasing your non-refundable admission ticket.
  • All visitors over the age of 2 must wear a mask to enter the Museum and sanitize their hands before beginning their visit at this time.
  • All Museum visitors must sign a waiver to enter the Museum at this time.
  • We do not accept parties larger than 5 people at this time.
  • You must actively social distance from other parties if you visit the Museum today.

General Policies

  • All visitors must watch the Museum’s quick orientation presentation before they are allowed entry to the Museum. This ensures you understand how to help protect the Museum’s collection during your visit.
  • Large bags are not allowed to be brought into the Museum. The Museum defines a large bag as a backpack, a duffel bag or any other bag larger than 14 inches long. Please plan accordingly. This policy is due to the heightened security concerns in today’s world and the recommendation of law enforcement.
  • No food or drink of any kind is allowed in the Museum. Unfortunately the Museum’s artifact protection protocols do not allow food or drink to be served or brought into the Museum.
  • No running, jumping or horseplay is allowed in the Museum. This is to ensure the well-being of the many one-of-a-kind artifacts in the collection, as well as your safety.
  • All visitors must be good Museum citizens: use your inside voice and be considerate of others during your visit. While the Museum wants you to share your thoughts with those who are with you and laugh out loud if so moved, yelling or screaming is not acceptable Museum behavior.

Age limitations for interactives

The Museum has many interactives, but just like amusement park rides, most of them had to be engineered with a certain size child in mind to be safe. Some interactives have small parts that are not appropriate for small children. The majority of the Museum’s interactives are for visitors 3 to one 100 years of age.

The Junior Firefighter challenge has been engineered for children who are at least three years of age and at least 36″ tall, and no more than 48″ tall with shoes on. Children 2 and under (or under 36″ tall) will not be able to participate in most interactives, due to safety concerns. The Museum mentions this so that your little one is not disappointed. The Museum welcomes your family, including your little one, who might indeed be fierce, but he or she might also have to grow into the Museum’s interactive program. Temporarily unavailable at this time.

Museum admission policy and rates:

Large group policy:

Large groups (10 or more people): The Museum requires large groups to schedule their visit at least three weeks in advance, so that sufficient staff are available. Please call or email the Museum to schedule your large group’s visit. The Museum will refuse entrance to any large group that has not scheduled their visit in advance. Temporarily unavailable at this time.

General Admission Rates:

  • Adults: $10
  • Children: 3 years of age to age 17: $5
    (Children under 3 years of age: Free)
  • Museum members and FASNY members: Free
  • ESMRP and NARM: Free admission per the Museum’s admission policy (1 free admission for individual members and 2 adult and 2 child free admissions for all other levels)


Methods of payment:

The Museum accepts cash and credit cards ($10 minimum purchase-Visa, Mastercard and Discover) as payment for admission to the Museum and for gift shop purchases.

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping!

The Museum’s gift shop is always open to the public, with no admission fee. Come shop at the Museum and discover a huge selection of items, both firematic and non-firematic, including jewelry, giftware, t-shirts, toys, plush and much, much more!